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Event Time and Date

Thursday, February 23 2017, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Throughout the workshop we will dissect the narratives that society has developed and how those messages play out in the inequities and injustices related to gender identity; and the affects it has on relationships, business affiliations, and professional associations within our community. The goal is for participants to be challenged to consider what constitutes acceptance, self-worth and their independence from societal constraints.  Participants will become empowered to critically examine ideologies that promote disconnections between women who don’t fall within the constructed standards of beauty placed on them by their appearance and those who subscribe to those constructs.  We welcome everyone to attend and engage in this energizing and informative workshop!  The program will be in the Holmes Student Center Illinois Room from 3pm - 5pm.


See you there! 

GSRC Staff


Holmes Student Center

Illinois Room Normal Rd, DeKalb, IL
Event Categories:

Academic, Advocacy, Cultural